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In Illinois, legal guardianships are options for both adults who cannot care for themselves as well as for children who temporarily or permanently lack parental care. A guardianship transfers certain legal rights over the child or adult (known as the ward) to the guardian who is appointed by the court. In the case of proposed guardianships for adults, guardianship removes their rights which is why courts must thoroughly review the matter to determine that it is in their best interests. Similarly, courts must evaluate that a proposed legal guardianship of a child is also in the child’s best interests. 

At Hawkins Law, P.C., we can assist you in seeking or contesting guardianship for either an adult or a child. Our attorney has decades of experience in representing clients in family law issues and disputes in the local courts. We can provide the guidance you need in all decisions about guardianship, verify your eligibility, and draft guardianship contracts that will detail how your proposed guardianship will work. If you are contesting guardianship, we can thoroughly prepare your case and represent you in all court hearings. 

Guardianships for Adults & Minors in Illinois

Guardianships of adults are usually sought in cases where these individuals cannot manage their personal affairs or make decisions about their finances, health care, living situation, and other important matters. These are generally adults who are disabled or have become incapacitated through advanced age, illness, or injury. In such cases, the courts can appoint a legal guardian with a full or limited capacity to make decisions and manage the affairs of the person.  

Guardianships of children can be sought for many reasons. Parents may have passed away, become incapacitated due to illness or injury, been incarcerated due to criminal activity, or may be facing the placement of their child in foster care. In the latter case, these parents may seek to establish a legal guardian to give them enough time to correct their living situation so as to have the child restored to them. In these cases, the proposed guardian is usually a family member. 

Guardianships can vary as follows:

  • Full guardianship. This gives the guardian the right to manage all of the person’s affairs, including medical, financial, and all other decisions. 
  • Limited guardianship. This gives the guardian limited time or authority over the person’s life, often used as a temporary measure.
  • Joint guardianship. This allows more than one person to act as a guardian in either a full or limited capacity. 

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Establishing guardianship requires diligence and careful preparation. To ensure that your legal guardianship is done correctly, we recommend that you work with an attorney experienced at our firm who can complete all necessary legal work and represent you in court. Our firm has assisted many individuals in establishing legal guardianships for both adults and minors as family members, friends, and more. Let us put our extensive experience and legal skills to work for you in this important matter.

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